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How do you know if your bitch is pregnant?

There are several ways that you can tell.

  • There is simple observation.“She acts and looks pregnant so therefore she must be pregnant”Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Only time will tell.
  • Blood Test/Pregnancy Test

This is a simple blood test and we can have the results in 24 hours. You get a simple “YES” or “NO” and that is all that it tells you. Additionally, this test will only yield results if it is done at a very specific time based on the actual LH surge of her breeding cycle. This test does not give you any idea of the number of puppies. Also, if you did not do ovulation timing, you could test at the wrong time and the results will not be valid. Cost is often prohibitive at $120.00 per test.


28 days after breeding, an ultrasound may be performed to confirm pregnancy. At this 4 week period we are able to estimate litter size. We do have ultrasound available at our facility.


7 to 10 days prior to the anticipated due date, we can do a radiograph to determine the number of puppies. This number is not always completely accurate as there are many variables such as where the puppies lie in the bitch. It does give you a general number of puppies to expect.


We recommend the use of WhelpWise™ by Veterinary Perinatal Services (VPS). WhelpWise™ will assist you in putting together the puzzle that frequently occurs before and during whelping. The service begins 4 or 5 days before the expected whelping date. By evaluating uterine contractions prior to and throughout the labor process the breeder will know when to expect deliveries and can be reassured that the whelping in progressing normally. The Brighton Animal Clinic has had great success with uterine monitoring and labor management for the bitch. Additionally, the fetal mortality rate she seen at Brighton Animal Clinic has dropped from 21% to .9% when using the WhelpWise™ service. For more information on WhelpWise™ please click on the link on the Forms & Links page.

A recent case of premature labor in a Dogue de Bordeaux brought on by the use of Red Raspberry Leaves was successfully managed using WhelpWise™. The bitch began labor 1 week prior to her due date and through medical management we were able to control the contractions until the actual due date when she delivered 12 puppies!

We can set you up for the WhelpWise™ service here at our facility for bitches timed and bred through the Brighton Animal Clinic. Reservations should be made at the time of pregnancy diagnosis – approximately day 28, to guarantee Whelp Wise availability.